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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Designing the Website - Attracting Prospects

Having a business in this Digital Age requires an on-line presence. The business owner must have a website which will attract a sufficient number of prospects to convert to customers. It must engage the reader’s interest.

A properly designed website has enough information about the products and services while stimulating the visitor’s emotions in a way that he/she will make a decision to buy the products and services. It has to appeal to the target market for your business.

The graphics have to be colorful and attractive for the visually oriented shopper. The business owner can choose images as well as videos, charts, and graphs to deliver his message. They should be displayed in a creative way on the website.

If the visitor has a pleasant experience on the website, he/she will refer their friends and family. If not, then he/she will tell more people about the bad experience than the good one. This will result in fewer prospects.

If the business owner does not have the design skills nor writing skills to create a website, he/she can hire a website designer He/she can also learn form the website tutorials which are on-line. The W3Schools have a great tutorial, as does 2Create a Website – for Beginners. It takes time to learn the skills, but it is well worth the effort.

There are free websites where business owners can build a website from a free template which is already to use. All the business owner has to do is add the content. Knowledge of basic HTML, cutting and pasting text, and uploading images is necessary. If the business owner is a start up and does not have the cash outlay for a professional website design, a free website is a suitable alternative.

Once the website is up and running, the business owner must prospect for business and this should be ongoing. It is not enough to have an on-line presence and rely on visitors to the website. It may take several months before the owner begins to see the traffic from visitors and many more months before they choose to buy from him/her.

The business owner must engage in several forms of prospecting on-line as well as off- line. Most of the daily activities should be spent on locating prospects for the business. There is much competition from other businesses which may be selling the same or similar products and services. It will require much hard work, but the business owner should be diligent. Sooner or later the business will come. I will discuss the prospecting methods in the next postings.

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