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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Step up Your Prospecting

Lately I have been taking advantage of increasing my business connections by promoting my business on fan pages. There are two ways that have been doing this: 1) through the Merchant Circle Forum; the members have posted their Facebook fan page URL, and 2) through the LinkedIn Facebook Users group; the members have poster their URLs as well. It is working out very well. I have managed to double my fans. Since I market my services to business, it is important for me to be to be connected. I have been able to refer people from my network to some of the businesses. It just goes to show that advertising is important and that it works.

I like what Vessie Cottrell does with her fan page. Instead of posting on her wall, she had a "Discussion" tab where you introduce yourself and your business. This keeps her fan page updates visible for her customers.

I have set a goal to have 500 business connections in each of my fan pages. I have three books that I am trying to complete and I need fans before I can put them on the market. With just over 100 fans in two of the groups, I have a long way to go! Visit my pages and see how I am doing from time to time. Post your links and take advantage of my network.

My fan pages are: Gail Cavanaugh's Business Solutions, Gail Cavanaugh's Communication Solutions, Cavanaugh Creations, and Freelance Writing. Join me there and follow this blog through the Google Connect and Networked Blogs. You can do that in the sidebar.

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