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Friday, December 6, 2013

New Advertising Media

Small businesses are the largest employers in the United States with 52% of all workers who hold jobs work for small businesses. The Small Business Administration reports that “19.6 million Americans work for companies employing fewer than 20 workers, 18.4 million work for firms employing between 20 and 99 workers, and 14.6 million work for firms with 100 to 499 workers. By contrast, 47.7 million Americans work for firms with 500 or more employees.”

The computer industry in particular has a history of producing inventors of digital products while working in the comfort of their homes or garages, merely tinkering around with tools, devices, and machinery. The most well-known companies which grew from small businesses to major corporations include Microsoft, Ben & Jerry’s, FedEx, and Nike. While there are 23 million small businesses in the United States, only one in four is actually interested in expanding their business.

The economy has been struggling for the last five years as a result of the economic crisis of 2008 which resulted in massive job losses due to business failures, the Ponzi scheme, and the collapse of the banking and real estate industries. College graduates have not been able to secure entry level jobs which could enable them to begin careers for which they prepared for while attending college.

Fortunately, there have been a few promising opportunities as a result of a few innovative individuals who have created new products to service the small businesses as well as provide new jobs. One of the people is Darnell Smith of Metro City Billboards in Dallas, Texas, who developed digitized display billboards where businesses can display their ads, videos, and music relative to their businesses. These digital billboards were created to be displayed at local small businesses and can hold as many as four different ads from local small businesses. Customers can view the ads while shopping or being serviced at the businesses.

Darnell has also created job opportunities for anyone who might be interested in finding sponsors for the bill boards and selling ads. He is currently expanding the business throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and has indicated that he can control the billboards which can be placed anywhere in the world. If interesting in advertising opportunities for your business or in a home based business opportunity, contact Darnell Smith at the link in this paragraph.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Marketing Trends – Social Media


The use of social media for marketing purposes has increased over the last year and is projected to grow in the coming year.UD2BDVF3S5WY   Social media is widely used by businesses of all sizes to market their products and services.

Approximately ninety percent of all mobile phones being used are smart phones.  Everywhere we go, people are using their smart phones to check their e-mail, read articles, and research products and services on the Internet.   Therefore, if you write a blog or own a website, it is important to to make sure that they are optimized for mobile phones and tablets, so that it uploads quickly for your readers.

Wordpress and Blogger blogs can be optimized for mobile phones relatively easily.  All it takes is signing into the Wordpress and Blogger dashboards to program the blog for mobile phones.  This process takes under two minutes and promised great rewards in the form of more loyal readers and more traffic to the website.

Readers typically check content on the Internet upon arising from bed in the morning, on the way to work, and on breaks during the day.  It has become a way of life for so many people, that is is important to keep up with this trend and to even plan a marketing strategy to capture more of the market through smart phones and tablets.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Traffic to your Website


If you are looking to gain more traffic to your website and hopefully to produce more sales, you must have a blog.  Everyone who is in business for themselves must have a blog to derive more exposure to the business UD2BDVF3S5WY.

A blog should be written on a regular basis and should be well researched in order to derive repeat readers.  The blog should be interesting enough to keep people coming back.  It is going to take hard work to keep a steady flow of traffic, but once the content is added on a regular basis, the benefits are rewarding and lucrative.

It is not enough to write the blog, but it has to be visible so that readers and prospective customers can find it.  Placing the blog in highly visible blog directories can help.  One of the most popular search engines for blogs is Technorati.  If you add your blog to Technorati, it can be properly indexed, highly visible, and it will give you a chance at being in the top 100 blogs on the Internet.

Some of the reasons why you will have more visibility on Technorati is because other blogs will link to it, increasing your authority, which means that your blog’s ranking will increase.  As the ranking increases, you will experience more traffic to your blog.

The blogs are listed according to the content which you discuss on the blog.  For example, here are some of the religious (spiritual) blogs listed on Technorati.  If you are ministering to people through your work, and desire to reach a multitude of people, Technorati is the place you need to be.

If you are already listed on Technorati, but have not yet experienced the influx of readers, I would encourage you to review the blogs listed in your category on the site and study why these blogs are so popular.  Each blog has an authority assigned to it which indicates how many blogs are linked to it.  Then begin to make changes to your blog to attract the readers your are trying to attract.

Psalm  35:27 - “Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Strategy for Building an e-Mail List



If business owners are trying to market their products and services on-line, one of the ways to reach more people is to have a subscription form on your website or blog. (If you do not have a website or blog, that could be one of the reasons why nothing is happening for you.) The subscription form is a very non-threatening way of attracting regular readers of your blog for potential customers. To what are they going to subscribe? They will subscribe to a newsletter so that they can keep abreast of your offers, promotions, and new developments in your company.

Now, get ready for this, because it will involve a lot of work. First, a business owner must decide how often they will write newsletters; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? The answer depends on your commitment or how quickly things change in your organization. Newsletters should be very carefully written so as not to discourage the reader into unsubscribing. They must capture the reader’s attention so that they will be anticipating your next letter.

If an entrepreneur does not have design skills, he/she can solicit the services of a website designer or if the budget is limited friend or family member. Think about the design of the letter to ensure that the theme matches the business brand or topic of the newsletters. It should remain uniform throughout the duration of the newsletter campaign. If there is no budget for newsletters, then one can use and enter names of contacts, write newsletters and save them on Microsoft word, and load them one by one into the e-mail program. The business owner can design a PowerPoint advertisement with a name for the letter and photo, and include it with the newsletter.

There are newsletter services which contain templates from which one can choose. After one chooses a template, then he/she uploads their content, including photos and text. For a small monthly fee, the business owner can schedule letters to be mailed on a regular basis. However, if the business owner chooses this option, the letters should be written in advance to meet the scheduling. Each letter should be different. Some companies to consider for newsletter marketing are: Aweber,(, Constant Contact,( ) and iContact, (

The purpose of the newsletters is not to sell the products, but to arouse the reader’s interest in the products. There are four types of marketing material that can be conveyed in a marketing campaign: inform, persuade, motivate to action, and to change a person’s point of view. Focusing on these objectives will give a business owner a better chance at winning the reader as a customer. On the average, a prospect with read seven letters before they become a customer. Diligence is important.

The way in which the business owner addresses these issues in the newsletter are crucial. A carefully crafted newsletter will yield a lot of business. If one’s writing skills are not up to par, then seeking the services of a marketing professional is important. There are also writing courses which one can take at a local community college, continuing education program, or a university, depending on the level of investment one wants to make.

People generally go on the Internet to search for products and services, even before they enter a store or search for a company on-line to inquire about them. Therefore, every business owner needs a good on-line presence, which includes a website, a blog, and participation in the social networks. The most important social networks to join are Face book, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are the largest on-line networks and each business owner needs to learn the intricacies of working within each one in order to be effective.

In conclusion, a carefully crafted newsletter which is circulated at regular intervals will be a very effective and professional way of gaining more contacts and customers for the business.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Reviews – Gaining More Readers


Publishing a book today is relatively easy, because of self-publishing. This has opened the door for anyone to publish a book. Depending on one’s budget, they can elect to self-edit the books or to hire someone to edit the book for you. As such, there are many unknown publishers who are trying to market books without followers, nor with knowledge and experience in marketing.

Writing the book was quite an accomplishment, involving many hours of research, dedication, and diligence in keeping a schedule so as to create a story which would attract the attention of the people you want to read the book. Unfortunately, marketing the book could be just as time consuming. However, new authors may not have a choice but to attempt to market the books on their own until such time as they accumulate a budget to really give the marketing the attention they need.

There are many avenues to consider and to be explored, as readers find books through several methods. Authors must be aware of the ways in which they can reach the readers for their books. Facebook is an excellent way to reach readers with the different friends which we gather on a day to day basis. Therefore, if you are an author, this should be clearly stated on your Timeline in the “About” section.

As discussed in a previous posting, your Timeline should include your link to your fan page in the work section, preferably in the first entry. I have seen many Timelines with the fan page missing. When clicking onto the workplace, one is often directed to an anonymous page compiled by the Facebook publishers, containing no information about your books or your workplace. This is most unfortunate and there is no telling how many fans one may have missed because of neglecting to provide this information. Members of Facebook often pass around information which they feel may benefit others. It is a great opportunity for quality publications go viral.

Also, you can post your fan page in the “Page” section at the bottom of the “About” section. If you have more than one fan page, you can decide which order to list the pages. At a quick glace of your Timeline, friends or friends of friends can read about your work. Be sure to include links to your website on your fan page as well, so that readers can find the books you are offering for sale.

If you publish books on a site such as, they often include a place where readers can write a review. There are companies which will locate readers who will write quality reviews which would be helpful in selling the book. For a small fee, these companies will find a reader and arrange for a review of the book to be posted on your book site. Some will provide a review in as little as two months. Book reviews are very helpful for those who are shopping on book sites. Several of these book reviewers have high standards and do not write a review for just any book which comes across their desk. Some companies charge for this service and some do not.

Here are some book reviewers to consider:

The Book Plex -

Compulsion Reads -

Inkspand –

In conclusion, hiring a book reviewer could help you to gain exposure to your book through book reviews which can be added to your book site on-line.

Next Topic: Book reviews on major news publishing site.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospecting with Newsletters - Part II

Well, I have been working the newsletters and am happy to report that no one has asked me to take their name off of my list. I send a new newsletter about once per month. I have had two appointments with the people, so far out of 529 contacts. I have had numerous conversations with people who have become my warm market. At this point, I see no reason to discontinue sending letters. Many have a raised awareness now of why they need to purchase life insurance on themselves and their family members. In time, I will win more customers. What I like about the e-mail list is that it is private and none of my competitors can access it. This makes it easier for me to make a sale with the people on the list. I can invite them to seminars and they do not have to be in a quandary as to why I invited them or who I am. I add names as I meet more people. In conclusion, marketing through an e-mail list is a great way to target customers and to create a warm market list from a cold market.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working the Leads

Many of us here are business owners or have a responsibility and a desire to reach out to many people regarding our products and services or our work for the Lord. It can be a very challenging assignment as many of us today are striving for the same goals. The amount of work that we do to that end as well as the way that we conduct ourselves in business can make or break us. One of the reasons why businesses fail is because of a failure to market the products or the lack of knowledge in properly marketing our products and services. Marketing must take place on a regular basis in order to make the profits that we need in order to be financially secure. Some people will have to work harder than others because of the nature of their products or the competition.

Marketing involves all of the activities involved in creating, developing, and delivering satisfaction from the creator of the product to the target market for the target market’s satisfaction. In our case, we are looking at the point at which we deliver the product to the target market of the consumer. It also involves offering the product at a competitive price and delivering or shipping the product as inexpensively as possible.

In order for the business to be successful, business owners have adopted a consumer orient approach in marketing their products and services. This approach guarantees long term success and leads to customer satisfaction. Today, the Internet has made it possible for consumers to shop with many customers and gain knowledge about the product and services they are interested in purchasing. Since they are more knowledgeable, there is competition in the marketplace for these consumers.

Many new business owners make their mistakes, initially in their marketing efforts, because of a lack of knowledge in how to effectively market their products. There are three approaches to marketing which will lead to failure. One approach is an emphasis on production, if there is more of a demand for the product than the supply of the product. In this case, the business owner focuses all of his efforts on producing a sufficient supply of the product to meet the demands of the consumers. However, this alone is not enough to achieve the sales of the product.

Another approach is to concentrate on the production of the product because there is a lack of the skills necessary to market the products. In this instance, the business owner is ignorant of the value that marketing the product can bring to the sale of his product. He has not invested time in acquiring the knowledge to properly introduce his product to the consumer. Therefore, he does what he believes is the right way to attract customers to his business. This is especially true for the brick and mortar businesses that tend not to study marketing because they rely on their storefront to attract the customers they need.

The last approach is to be too focused on the present. Business owners take a sales approach in order to reap the immediate benefits in a direct sales relationship. If they are engaging in high pressure selling, the customer is often dissatisfied with the salesman or the product, leading to refunds or cancellations. The best approach is a consumer oriented approach, which I will discuss in the next posting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reaping the Benefits of Newsletters

Well, it has been several weeks that I have been sending newsletters and I received some interesting feedback  on what I have been doing.  I was in conversation with a bill collector who recounted the experience of a friend of hers who works for a large marketing firm and is doing very well.   This bill collector also told me where the markets were for the type of product I am marketing my services.  She offered to send me referrals. 

I was also able to secure a commitment from a local school to hold a seminar for the parents, but at the beginning of the next school year.  Not quite what I wanted to hear, but at least it is something that I can follow up on later in the year.  I made a note of the conversation in my CRM and in my e-mail contact list.

Just because I received these responses, does not mean that I should stop working.  I will continue to send out newsletters, and hopefully, I will receive more responses.  In order for this to reap the benefits that I am anticipating, I have to be diligent about the work.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gathering Leads

Since my last posting, I have been updating my database in my customer relationship management (CRM) file. I have been utilizing this system for several years now and I find it to be an excellent way of keeping track of leads and the conversations which I have with the prospects. One of the nicest features is the e-mail campaign creation.

I imported e-mail addresses, and names into the CRM and created an e-mail marketing campaign for newsletters. Instead of sending them out through my e-mail carrier, I can send them through the CRM in one shot. My e-mail carrier limits the amount that I can send, so I am cautious about sending the required amount. Any extra are returned to me as undeliverable. The CRM is networked with my e-mail carrier so that the sent letters are directed to my e-mail, rather than the CRM. I can now import all of the e-mail accounts into the CRM and keep track of responses and conversations. Someone just sent me an update on their status with her company and gave me a new address with which to contact her. She also gave me two additional names and addresses to add to my database. If the respondents find creditworthiness and quality content, they will respond in a professional manner. I include my photo on all e-mail correspondence.

With the CRM, I can schedule calls, deals, tasks, and my pipeline activity on my sales calls. It is easy to add and delete files as is necessary. It also allows for sharing of the database, if you have employees who use the same files for their work. They are able to add notes to the file as well. I just began this campaign in December and I am anticipating more positive responses from this activity. I have had very few companies which have opted out of receiving the newsletters, and when they do, I immediately take them off the list to avoid future problems. I will continue to report on my progress.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prospecting with Newsletters

Recently, I decided to return to a career which I had done in the past. I needed to prospect for leads as I was not well connected in the community, as I had been in the past. I had moved to another town and had not had a chance to network. I needed to find an inexpensive way of prospecting for leads.

I have a vast database of leads so all I needed to do was to send newsletters on a regular basis. I picked up this tip from Shawnita Lambert's page on MLSP, which is a marketing company. So I wrote seven newsletters following the instructions I received from Traffic Wave, an autoresponder which I had used in the past. I saved the letters on my computer and then started sending them out. So far, I have sent out over two hundred letters. Now what is interesting about this is that only four people have opted out of the newsletter and three come back undeliverable. I try to send out as many as I can a day, on an average, 35 - 50 letters.

I add names to the list when I come across someone who is in my target market. I did make calls on those letters and I got an invitation to attend a networking seminar so far. I am going to continue working this system, because I think I am on to something. The vast majority of my prospects are accepting the letters. I will report my results in about one month. I started this in January. I went throught the contacs list and made sure everything was up to date and had telephone numbers, contact person, and addresses. As a result, some have joined me in my social network. At one point I received an e-mail, not an autoresponder, from someone who said he was gong on vacation, but would check his e-mail periodically. I know this is a slow process, but I needed to do something that would get me some customers. I will report again on this in about one month.