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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prospecting with Newsletters

Recently, I decided to return to a career which I had done in the past. I needed to prospect for leads as I was not well connected in the community, as I had been in the past. I had moved to another town and had not had a chance to network. I needed to find an inexpensive way of prospecting for leads.

I have a vast database of leads so all I needed to do was to send newsletters on a regular basis. I picked up this tip from Shawnita Lambert's page on MLSP, which is a marketing company. So I wrote seven newsletters following the instructions I received from Traffic Wave, an autoresponder which I had used in the past. I saved the letters on my computer and then started sending them out. So far, I have sent out over two hundred letters. Now what is interesting about this is that only four people have opted out of the newsletter and three come back undeliverable. I try to send out as many as I can a day, on an average, 35 - 50 letters.

I add names to the list when I come across someone who is in my target market. I did make calls on those letters and I got an invitation to attend a networking seminar so far. I am going to continue working this system, because I think I am on to something. The vast majority of my prospects are accepting the letters. I will report my results in about one month. I started this in January. I went throught the contacs list and made sure everything was up to date and had telephone numbers, contact person, and addresses. As a result, some have joined me in my social network. At one point I received an e-mail, not an autoresponder, from someone who said he was gong on vacation, but would check his e-mail periodically. I know this is a slow process, but I needed to do something that would get me some customers. I will report again on this in about one month.