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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gathering Leads

Since my last posting, I have been updating my database in my customer relationship management (CRM) file. I have been utilizing this system for several years now and I find it to be an excellent way of keeping track of leads and the conversations which I have with the prospects. One of the nicest features is the e-mail campaign creation.

I imported e-mail addresses, and names into the CRM and created an e-mail marketing campaign for newsletters. Instead of sending them out through my e-mail carrier, I can send them through the CRM in one shot. My e-mail carrier limits the amount that I can send, so I am cautious about sending the required amount. Any extra are returned to me as undeliverable. The CRM is networked with my e-mail carrier so that the sent letters are directed to my e-mail, rather than the CRM. I can now import all of the e-mail accounts into the CRM and keep track of responses and conversations. Someone just sent me an update on their status with her company and gave me a new address with which to contact her. She also gave me two additional names and addresses to add to my database. If the respondents find creditworthiness and quality content, they will respond in a professional manner. I include my photo on all e-mail correspondence.

With the CRM, I can schedule calls, deals, tasks, and my pipeline activity on my sales calls. It is easy to add and delete files as is necessary. It also allows for sharing of the database, if you have employees who use the same files for their work. They are able to add notes to the file as well. I just began this campaign in December and I am anticipating more positive responses from this activity. I have had very few companies which have opted out of receiving the newsletters, and when they do, I immediately take them off the list to avoid future problems. I will continue to report on my progress.

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