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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Reviews – Gaining More Readers


Publishing a book today is relatively easy, because of self-publishing. This has opened the door for anyone to publish a book. Depending on one’s budget, they can elect to self-edit the books or to hire someone to edit the book for you. As such, there are many unknown publishers who are trying to market books without followers, nor with knowledge and experience in marketing.

Writing the book was quite an accomplishment, involving many hours of research, dedication, and diligence in keeping a schedule so as to create a story which would attract the attention of the people you want to read the book. Unfortunately, marketing the book could be just as time consuming. However, new authors may not have a choice but to attempt to market the books on their own until such time as they accumulate a budget to really give the marketing the attention they need.

There are many avenues to consider and to be explored, as readers find books through several methods. Authors must be aware of the ways in which they can reach the readers for their books. Facebook is an excellent way to reach readers with the different friends which we gather on a day to day basis. Therefore, if you are an author, this should be clearly stated on your Timeline in the “About” section.

As discussed in a previous posting, your Timeline should include your link to your fan page in the work section, preferably in the first entry. I have seen many Timelines with the fan page missing. When clicking onto the workplace, one is often directed to an anonymous page compiled by the Facebook publishers, containing no information about your books or your workplace. This is most unfortunate and there is no telling how many fans one may have missed because of neglecting to provide this information. Members of Facebook often pass around information which they feel may benefit others. It is a great opportunity for quality publications go viral.

Also, you can post your fan page in the “Page” section at the bottom of the “About” section. If you have more than one fan page, you can decide which order to list the pages. At a quick glace of your Timeline, friends or friends of friends can read about your work. Be sure to include links to your website on your fan page as well, so that readers can find the books you are offering for sale.

If you publish books on a site such as, they often include a place where readers can write a review. There are companies which will locate readers who will write quality reviews which would be helpful in selling the book. For a small fee, these companies will find a reader and arrange for a review of the book to be posted on your book site. Some will provide a review in as little as two months. Book reviews are very helpful for those who are shopping on book sites. Several of these book reviewers have high standards and do not write a review for just any book which comes across their desk. Some companies charge for this service and some do not.

Here are some book reviewers to consider:

The Book Plex -

Compulsion Reads -

Inkspand –

In conclusion, hiring a book reviewer could help you to gain exposure to your book through book reviews which can be added to your book site on-line.

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