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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adding a Subscription Box to Your Blog or Website

If you are motivated enough to write newsletters, one way of attaining new followers to your blog or website would be to add a newsletter subscription box o your website or blog. I just added one to my website using Feedburner. I have been using this site for several years to drive traffic to my site through RSS feeds. However, there is a way to add a newsletter subscription box from this site as well.

Google+ members can access the site through their account. When you arrive at the site, register your blog or websites RSS feed by adding the website to the first page. On the next page, click onto publicize. In the left sidebar you will see "Email Subscriptions." There will be an html code that you can add to your website. If you do not know how to add the code, refer the page to your website designer. Make sure you save this action at the bottom of the page.

Return to the side bar and click onto Communication Preferences" to write an e-mail confirmation or you can accept the one that has already been prepared. If satisfied, save the page to activate it. You can even add a logo to the e-mail confirmation and customize the font and links. Remember to activate the setting by clicking onto "Save" at the bottom of the page. Finally, in "Delivery Options," select your time zone and save it.

You can now visit your website and see your new newsletter subscription box. The new e-mail address should then be added to your newsletter marketing server such as Mailjet, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Red Velvet Lawyer: 25,000 Page Views for The Red Velvet Lawyer

The Red Velvet Lawyer: 25,000 Page Views for The Red Velvet Lawyer

I just came across this very interesting blog.  Not only does this lawyer post intersting articles about different aspects of law, but she is very interested in content marketing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Show Your Appreciation with Thank You Cards

A properly crafted thank you note is a great way to strengthen relationships with customers, prospects, and people met while networking. My blank greeting cards are suitable for most of your connections. Custom designs are available. Here are a few samples:

Order your cards today and extend a thank you to someone who impressed you! Discounts are available on bulk orders.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Marketing Your Music Classes

Many musicians and voice trainers who have spent many years developing their talent, lack the knowledge and skill necessary to effectively market their businesses. They, like other business owners, may have secured a location for their business, put up a sign, and wondered why they are not getting enough students to enroll into classes to keep the business up and running. It would be a great misfortune for a musician or singer to spend years developing a talent and not know ow to attract customers. Mian Kudera once said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” One may excel in innovation, but innovation needs a means to reach the people who will benefit by it.

The problem is that they neglected to engage in marketing the business to ensure that consumers know their business because they have seen it in print or heard others talking about it. This awareness requires time well spent in marketing the business. Marketing is a full-time job. The best time to develop a marketing strategy is while the entrepreneur is giving birth to the new business. Peter Drucker has remarked that, “Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

I am in the process of locating more students for my music school and one class that I am offering is a Music Marketplace Training Center where musicians and other music professionals can learn how to attract students and other music consumers to their businesses. The class will be offered on-line and then at my music school. Here is a link to the site for more information.

Music is very important to the well-being of society. Despite the fact that when budgets are cut at the schools, the arts and music programs are eliminated first, music, in particular , will help students to perform better on standardized tests, do better in math, and develop critical thinking skills.

conclusions, I invite musicians and singers to visit my website and use the contact form to enroll in the class or to ask questions.