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Friday, January 23, 2015

Posting Content in Social Media - Saving Time

If you are posting to several social media platforms, it is a good idea to incorporate a system which will save you time that you could spend on other operating your business. There are automation tools that you can use to post to your networks and still remain in touch with them. The proper use of automation will help you streamline your activities and still produce quality content.

As some of us have discovered, it can be very time consuming to post content in the social media, especially if we are working with five or more accounts. We have dozens of social networks to choose from and after we have selected a few which will meet our needs, we will have to develop a strategy for posting. We will have to determine the best time to post and the number of articles, videos, or other content that we wish to offer to our followers. We will usually begin posting manually until one day we realize that we are beginning to get overwhelmed with this process. In that case, there are a number of dashboards that we can use to save time in posting and that will offer timely and quality content to the followers. We should be posting our own content as well as quality content from industry sources. We will have to post our content manually.

A dashboard will allow us to program our posting through a feed to our social networking account. There are some dashboards which allow us to manually post several pieces of content in advance and there are some which we can program to produce content based on a topic which we can select. Depending on our time constraints, we can choose content which is appropriate for our audience.

The content that we choose should be a combination of content from industry sources, our own content, and something which humanizes our followers experience with us. We can advertise as much as we want about our businesses, but unless we can find other more credible businesses that support what we do, we will have little credibility with them. We should still post manually and not use dashboards to answer our followers or customers.

Here is a list of dashboards that we can use:




Twitter Feed

Each of these dashboards will make it easier for us to post our content in the social networks. Some will post at specific times, some will post at designated times, and some will not allow manual posting. Some are designed to handle multiple accounts and some are only designed for manual posting where you can post several pieces manually to be posted at a later date. Depending on your schedule and the number accounts that you have, you can choose one or more of these dashboards to meet you specific needs.

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