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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Increasing Exposure on the Search Engines

I recently posted an article about the importance of choosing the right keywords.  I hope you have had a chance to tweak your keywords in your articles and are using more of them in your newer postings.  I would be interested in knowing whether this is helping you.

The Internet is so vast that our little website might actually get lost among the millions of websites that are posted on the search engines.  One way to gauge how visible your website is, would be to do a search for it on Google, which is still the number one search engine.  After the search, your website should be listed at the top or near the top of the first page of Google.  Then, you want to look at the number in the upper left hand corner.  Typically, the higher the number, the more visibility the website would have.  You would want to see at least six figures there.  If you see seven or more figures, you have excellent visibility.  This number represents the number of links to the websites listed on the page.  It is called the Google index.

In order to get into the Google index, you have to submit your site to Google.  You can do this for free yourself, or if a webmaster manages your site, ask him or her to do it.  Then, as long as you have a site map on your website, the Google spiders will "crawl" the site to determine how many websites have linked to your site.  The higher the Google index, the more websites have linked to your website.  The next time you are search the internet, pay attention to those numbers!

How do you get other websites to link to your website?  There are several ways:

1.  Quality content - this is the most important reason for others to link to your website. That is why content is so important when blogging or writing articles.  If someone likes what you write about, they will share it and it could go viral, depending upon how useful or newsworthy the article or blog is.

2.  Linking to other websites which have a high Google index.  This would be a highly commercial site, like Google, or Twitter, or LinkedIn.  There are other highly commercial sites, depending on the industry to which you belong. 

For instance, I recently added some of my upcoming events to several event websites.  One was for an organization in my state and the other was a global event site.  Needless to say, I went from five figures to eight figures within a matter of minutes, because the sites I listed them on were already indexed and had tens of thousands of sites that were already linked to them!  This is the easiest way to increase your ranking by leveraging the power of another more powerful site.

3.  Another way to achieve a high index is to link directly to other highly indexed sites in your article or blog.  Your article or blog should have several links in it.  This would increase your credibility, if you can back up an important statement by referencing another article of an influential author who supports your position.  These links will bring you to a higher place on the search engine.  Be careful not to overuse the links.

4.  Share your website in comments on other blogs, in social networks, and in e-mail to your followers.  There is no telling where it could end up.

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