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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Diversify Your Market

Due to a change in algorithms on Google (Panda) it is a good idea not to rely solely on Google for marketing your products and services. This change has been known to put some big name companies out of business. It is caused by Google posting advertisements in the side bar when people search for your products and services. These postings are apparently causing people not to look any further than these ads. Also, Google is promoting its own products. If you have not done so already, it would be a good idea to submit your websites to other search engines, such as Yahoo, and Bing. Compare your listings on these sites to see how much visibility you have.

Just like you diversify your money when you invest money, we should be diversifying our marketing practices to get the best possible results.  Some prospects prefer certain search engines or media when con ducting research on the Internet.  Therefore, we should conduct research to determine the best place to locate our target markets.  If we know who is most likely to purchase our products and services, and where they go to research or buy products, then we can position ourselves to be there when they are looking.

The market does change, and therefore, we need to change with it.  This is why we become involved in social networks, blogs, forums, groups, and various search engines.

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