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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Overcoming the Changes in Facebook Marketing

As we all know, Facebook has enacted some changes in fan page marketing in that there will be no more organic reach for your postings.  This means you will now have to spend money on Facebook ads or find some other way of reaching out to your market on Facebook.  Here are some ways to overcome the change in Facebook marketing rules:

Now it is going to be more important to engage your network in conversations so as to gain their cooperation in sharing your posts.  If you are in the habit of engaging with your network on a regular basis, then you will have no problem in gaining their cooperation.  Those who are not are going to have to learn to reach out to the people we come in contact with in our network.  Here are some ideas:

1.         Do more tagging in your postings.  When you post an interesting article or need to get the word out on a particular subject, you can tag people in your network.  In this way, the posting goes into the network of those who are tagged, enabling you to reach out to more people.

2.         Go to the people in your network with the largest followers and solicit their help in promoting your brand.  Ask them to share your posts.

3.       .   Encourage more people to share your posts by engaging them in conversations so that they have more of an incentive to share.  You can comment on their posts, provide them with a solution to a problem, or just be thoughtful at critical times in their lives.    The Bible says:  “rejoice with them who rejoice and weep with them who weep.”  Romans 12:15.

4.          Be responsive to your customers.  Studies show that those customers who have a positive experience will share their experiences with others.  This will help you gain more followers and ultimately more customers.
5.         It is also a good idea to explore other markets and social media platforms for your business.  There may be other markets which can deliver more success to you.  We will have to do more planning to achieve the results we are seeking.

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