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Monday, March 30, 2015

Using Instagram for the Business

If you are already using Instagram, then you may have come to a realization that the photos you post there have to be exceptional in order for you to have a following. 
If you are posting photos to gain followers for your business, the photos have to have some relevance to your business, such as people using your products or visiting your storefront. 

A good way to gain followers is determine who your target market is and to add hashtags to your photos that will attract your target market.  When they discover your photos, the best way to approach them is to compliment them on their photos or to make a statement about their photo.  If your photo is interesting, then they will invite their friends and followers to view your photos.

This same strategy can be used on Facebook or any other social media where business owners share photos.  There are many companies which claim they can bring you more followers, but it is best to be apprehensive about this.  They may bring more followers, but they may not be the followers you need for the business. 

As with any content used for finding more followers, one would have to consistently use Instagram in order for it to be effective.

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